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Almond Natural Oil

Known since ancient times as a symbol of prosperity, almond oil was used in magical rituals by Egyptian priests. The almond is also found in many myths and legends dating back eight thousand years, with one of the most glamorous women of the past, Cleopatra, said to have maintained her beauty with baths of donkey […]

Regina Cosmetics

It is the ideal product for nourishing, softening and regenerating aging tissues, slowing down the aging process at the cellular level. With a gentle and charming aroma, rose essential oil has a powerful effect.

Rose Product

The ubiquitous use in our range of rose oil, coming directly from the distilleries of the Valley of Roses, makes our products unique. Rose oil, extremely famous since ancient times for its healing properties and beautification of the skin, this elixir so fragrant and unique in the world is produced in the heart of Bulgaria, […]